Kamikaze Kitty Music

Cinematic Hip Hop

A collections of Intens cinematic Hip-Hop tracks to pump up your projects!

Minimal Tension

Minimal hybrid orchestral underscore featuring synth pads & pulses under strings & piano melodies.


Soaring Hybrid Cues, Blending Sound Design with powerful Orchestra, Solo Voice and Choirs.

Tales of the Heart

Piano, Strings & Orchestra Bursting with Love, Hope, Joy, Melancholy & Memories.

Shadow Recon

Epicly-Executed, Beat Banging Orchestral Hybrid Rock Rowdiness and Jagged Shards of Guitars

CATastrophic - Drones

Intense Drones to Rumble and Shake your projects  *Meow*

Step Into The Light

Deeply Moving, Shimmering Epic Orchestral Power, Telling Auditory Stories of Hope and Glory

Electro ROCK

When A.I. Operated Machines come to Conquer the Planet, it will be to these Brutal and Relentless Sound Tracks !


Beautiful Delicate Spacious Piano & String Notes, Warmly Flow and Dance, Effortlessly, Delightfully.

Inspitational Ochestral

Beautful contemporary Themes to Motivate, Uplift and Inspire. Uniquely Human Moments.


Massive Sound Design Elements Featuring  A Versatile Collection of Cinematic HighLights.


Intense Epic hybrid orchestral cues with stop-downs and mind-blowing sound-design.


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