We think you’ll like our music library because we make the most creative and emotionally resonant music for your awesome media projects! We do this by attracting the best composers in the industry.  How?  By breaking with industry standards and letting our composers keep much more ownership of their creations than our competitors.


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Our composers aren’t our employees– they’re our colleagues, our equals and our friends. We help each other to do the best work we can.

Ninja Kitty Music was founded by Timo Spekkens, who has been a Hollywood-based composer since 1991. Timo is also owner of Sound Aventures, a music library specializing in high-end cinematic trailer music.

Co-founder of Ninja Kitty Music is Wim Spekkens. Wim is a social entrepreneur who tries to give a human twist to every business.

Wim and Timo both believe that happy composers make great music, and the best way to keep composers happy is to treat them like creative partners.

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