Production Music for IMPACT!

We at Ninja Kitty Music believe in making a change in the world by telling musical stories. We want our music library to translate ideas and words into emotions of happiness, anger, sadness, fearlessness and love. 

This catalogue is full of Pop hits, EDM tracks, Rock Jamz and Hip-Hop Beatz so we can help U with creating IMPACT in this world! 


The Kamikaze Kitty Music Library is an Emotional Cinematic  Rollercoaster! We don’t care what kind of IMPACT you need – Our music has been created to make people Cringe, Cry and Cuddle.

This catalogue is full of Epic and Emotional Cinematic production Music. We suggest you have a listen and go Rock the World for Change.


We’re here for everyone who gives a shit Just like Ninjas we fight for change! We open people’s minds, fight for a Better World AND make Music. SO if you don’t care about the world, our music is NOT for you! If you do care to make the world a better place, come and use our music, cuz we care too! 

Life is too short not to give a shit, so we’re looking for composers that know how to tell the world what matters! Let’s stop selling crap and start buying love. 

How to start: FIRST, we decide how to bring change to the world… (how to start a fierce Love revolution). Then we fight like Ninjas, but cuddle like Kitties. Fight furr cuteness, love and Mother Nature! Kindness all around! 

Well you know, ultimately, we are just music-makers, but we try to find people that matter. Are you a business or an organization that works on making our world a better place? BAM! 50% discount. Than you got all those brands that really don’t make impact.. ah well we won’t stop you for using our music.. and we still will help you finding your purrrfect track…. But please, do think about what you want to do with your life.


A small grab out of the placements we got to show you others who love our music too. These cat warriors dared to use our music to make their project purr, scratch and roar!



Your at the end of our home page, so go CHECK OUT THE MUSIC! Nothing will convince you more that listening so stop ready boring words and start with turning your volume up and give yourself a sound orgasm!

*Ninja Kitty Music LLC does not take responsibility for blown up speaker systems or drooling edittors* 


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